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Love Guru: See of Love

The coming weeks are pushing, enticing, inviting and demanding that we get out of our logical, goal oriented approach to life and immerse ourselves in the greater reality that we exist in, and which exists in us.  | Read More

Love Guru: Love, Lust, Value

First you have to erase from your mind the garbage you heard about in that ludicrous book “Men are From Mars”, written by some effete androgen twink who was stuck in 1950’s beliefs. Its basic premise was that men and women - identified by devaluing millennia of accumulated wisdom since the Romans named their Gods and Goddesses - are a completely different species.  | Read More

Love Guru: Good Vibrations

This past week I have had information and experiences about vibrations, in and around us, and I am gaining a deeper understanding of their importance. Since hippy days we have talked about good and bad “vibes”, i.e. vibrations.  | Read More

Weekly Relationship Horoscope

Weekly Astrology from July 20
Weekly Overview

The BIG NEWS this week is that Jupiter, the Lord of Expansion, knowledge and so much more will move after a year from soft, gentle and nurturing Cancer to playful exuberant Leo. So for the next year there will be a greater sense of freedom and optimism, enjoyment of small things and big and this week is a once-a-year event when the Sun, our centre and our purpose, spends a few days with Jupiter, so we get to have a great and expanded view of the next phase of our lives that we are moving into, now. This is it. We started having breakthroughs and easing of general tensions over the past few months, signs that just maybe it was getting better, seeing the new path and direction and this week we walk through the door into all of that.

So with that also means that the Sun moves into Leo for a month, bringing us out to shine in the world and show our trophies, as it were. Leo is a great time for playful creative expression, a month of the year for remembering to be like a kid: open, receptive, interested in life etc. I highly recommend that you and all of the other serious adult types loosen up and actually play some kids’ games. Like I say, growing older carries the great risk that the purity, humanity and innocence we have as little human beings will be adult-erated as we become adults. So work to keep your heart and spirit young!

That is not to say we will have no more lessons and challenges. Of course not. We will keep growing and learning and this year that will be easier. Whew. About time! LOL

There are lots of direction changes of energies, some putting on the brakes, some releasing them. We will now be able to move forward much more easily and to manifest our new dreams. There is much push, demand even, to get moving and that is also an aspect of the flowing sexual creative energies that continue from last week.

The ride is not over but the view is sure improving!

NOTE: Make sure you read my BLOG: “Love Guru: Sea of Love” on the Home Page

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