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Love Guru: Ready?

Are you feeling it? This past week’s energy, plus the next two, are rocking and rolling, crashing and sinking, eating and digesting, remodeling and renovating, burning and rebuilding our old lives and geo-forming our new world - internally, externally and globally. For me it has meant developing physical symptoms referred to as a ‘cold’ or the ‘flu’ by medicine and I call emotional assistants, to make me move in certain ways in my life and in this case force me to stop: to stop almost everything so that since the eclipse last Monday I have spent about 20 hours a day in bed either sleeping, dozing, napping or simply laying with my eyes closed.  | Read More

Love Guru: Buy the Ticket...

Many people right now are going through strange or hard or challenging times. One friend refers to it as The Great Turning, others as as the Change, Opening, Movement or my favorite: The Shift.  | Read More

Love Guru: What to Do?

Yogi Berra said, when you come to a fork in the road, take it. Well, if you have no clue what to do that is good advice, but no better than “flip a coin”. Now spiritually we can say there are no mistakes in our choices, that mistakes are to teach us what we do not know, or that we do not want to go that direction after all, but me, I am a bit lazy and like to improve the odds if I can.  | Read More

Weekly Relationship Horoscope

Weekly Astrology from April 20
Weekly Overview

This week’s blog (on my home page) is longer than usual as I have endeavored to give a deeper understanding of what the astrology shows is happening for you, me and the world. I suggest you read it (Love Guru: Ready?) as an extension of this week’s overview.

As well, today the Sun moves into Taurus for a month and will help us stay grounded with all the energy flying about as the Grand Cross becomes exact today. There will be a focus on value for two weeks as we connect with how and what we have suppressed, forgotten or just not seen of the value we are, the value we give and the value we receive. Give yourself permission to blow your own trumpet, at least a bit. Be proud of the life you have lived and the journey you have taken, never giving up.

With all the current energy of change and transformation, you can release old value patterns that you no longer want, and choose more love, beauty and value in your life than you have ever had, or really ever imagined. How? Each night before sleeping close your eyes and say aloud: “Universe, I am announcing that it is now my choice to give, have, bring and share more love and value than I can imagine all through my life.” Then be generous and sharing with others to reinforce your choice.

This is also a time to deepen or release relationships. No more deadwood. Keep the ones that give you big value and release the drains and the neutrals. Many rewards will come from this.

Bear in mind that having said all of that, there is huge room for unpredictable events and outcomes so pay attention! Whatever you think it will be it may well be something else.

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