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Trump: Thinking the Unthinkable

The media pundits keep scratching their heads asking why Trump and his supporters in DC are doing what they are doing, and then giving all manner of explanations to their own questions. As rational people they keep seeking rational explanations within the system they live in.  | Read More

A PERFECT DAY : January 1, 2018

(VISIT my “AUSSIE RELATIONSHIP GURU” page on Facebook to see some of the photos I took on this day, at    On the evening of January 1, 2018, I wrote: “Today I have experienced as possibly the most wonderful day of my life. It has constantly felt like my Life was unfolding from moment to moment, choice to choice, steps and smiles along the way as all being in perfect alignment and harmony with where I was exactly meant to be, and thus I keep reminding myself that I have arrived in the place that I have held as my ideal vision of Me and my life and I have arrived. I made it, in both meanings of that term: I made it (manifested and created it), and I made it (finally arrived)!!  | Read More

The War We Are Actually Winning (Ain’t You Proud?)

America has a fine tradition of declaring war on social issues that any half-wit with an ounce of knowledge of history would know would always fail.  | Read More

Weekly Relationship Horoscope

Weekly Astrology from November 11

Weekly Overview

When the week kicks off you may feel constrained, or aloof, or cool to people. This gives you more ability to be detached and emotionally objective in your life for a few days - a handy break with all the intensity we have been having!

The intensity continues this week in an easy, flowing way that is keeping us connected, present and alert to the moment.

The big news for me is that it is a week of much Sagittarian energy - giving us the big picture, high ideals and principles, higher levels of true law and justice above the political and ego stuff we see so often.

You will be able to assess your strengths and weaknesses more clearly than usual, and also see the Life Path you are on more fully, so you will know you are in the right place at the right time right now! Oh yeah.

With this comes much good fortune - what we usually call good luck - but is a benevolent energy of reward and gratitude showering upon us in big and small ways. Be open and stay open to gifts coming to you, to abundance expanding through your life, to feeling happy with yourself and your life!!

This is pat-on-the-back rewards time by the Universe for what we have endured, learned and mastered over the past few years, to get here, knowing what we now know and being Who we now Are.

(Spend a few moments reflecting on those past few years and just how huge and awesome they have been!!)

All of this great expansion and beneficence is like a massive fireworks celebration to commence a year of greatness and growth with Jupiter in the sign it rules, Sagittarius, a 12-year cycle of great expansion, including expansion of knowledge, justice and the world around us.

To give us time to take a breath, Mercury goes retrograde from the 16th until December 6th, so make sure your computer is backed up, make no expensive or tech purchases, and double check your communications. It is a great time to slow down and review plans and writings.

I am truly excited about this coming year!

I also wish to honor a moment in history. Today, 43 years ago, the US Government destroyed the democratically elected government of my country, Australia, because it pulled us our of the Vietnam War, as it had promised to do if elected.

In the process we lost the most brilliant, educated and visionary Prime Minister we have ever had.

Peace and Love! - Gregory

©2018 Gregory Charles


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