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Leadership: Style or Lifestyle?

The question was asked of me: what is your leadership style and my inner voice immediately responded, “It’s not a style, it is a lifestyle.” I am the leader in my life, meaning I choose my visions and their qualities and I choose to follow those visions until I create them, and in the process I learn and grow enormously, take risks, leap over chasms and sometimes miss, claw my way out and test whether I am really committed to this enormity of my highest vision of me at any time, or not.  | Read More

Trump: Thinking the Unthinkable

The media pundits keep scratching their heads asking why Trump and his supporters in DC are doing what they are doing, and then giving all manner of explanations to their own questions. As rational people they keep seeking rational explanations within the system they live in.  | Read More

A PERFECT DAY : January 1, 2018

(VISIT my “AUSSIE RELATIONSHIP GURU” page on Facebook to see some of the photos I took on this day, at    On the evening of January 1, 2018, I wrote: “Today I have experienced as possibly the most wonderful day of my life. It has constantly felt like my Life was unfolding from moment to moment, choice to choice, steps and smiles along the way as all being in perfect alignment and harmony with where I was exactly meant to be, and thus I keep reminding myself that I have arrived in the place that I have held as my ideal vision of Me and my life and I have arrived. I made it, in both meanings of that term: I made it (manifested and created it), and I made it (finally arrived)!!  | Read More

Weekly Relationship Horoscope

Weekly Astrology from May 19, 2019

Weekly Overview

We had a Full Moon in Scorpio yesterday (Sunday 18th) and the effects will last into this week. It will deepen and intensify the energies below. As well it brings in a lot of power, passion and deep grounding our bodies.

It also creates a Yod, or Finger of Fate, quite a rare formation between three or more planets so they form a long triangle. A Yod is an indication of karmic forces at play and this one is a doozy!

First, it brings in ancient healing of birth traumas we incurred on the way into this life. They can include feeling stuck or trapped, issues with breathing and the heart like feelings of love or abandonment from the mother depending on how well she was coping with her own tradition into a new life, as a mother.

And wow… we are stepping into new life shapes, forms and structures as our old life, beliefs, directions and much more is being ground into dust, ignored, left behind, melting or ripped away etc. as we move into a whole new experience or life, of our Selves and our Visions.

(See below for my recommendation for talks that friends are finding very supportive as a way to view all the changes!)

With this is strong energy to take new roads, try new things, to get out of our boxes and to break out and free the parts of ourselves that are new and emerging.

The best approach is to lean back into it ll, be open to the unexpected and unusual, to have a personal breakout of old limits and prisons with you. Challenge old beliefs and assumptions and allow your excitement to shine through: that you are on a new adventure of discovery, Chapter 1,023… or however many chapters and adventures you have embarked on in your life.

Our karma and destiny are now at the driver’s wheel, so relax, breathe deeply of the fresh air blowing through your life to remove the cobwebs and dust and to freshen you up, wake you up and get you participating more fully and at a higher level!

We continue to expand our psychic connections with Spirit and expand our inner visions to be seen more clearly. Which directions to take? The ones that excite you and stir your passions!! Who to hang out with? People who also excite you and stir your passions and uplift and encourage your energy to rise!

Instead of getting angry with fools, turn that energy to be the nurturing of those special people. “Do not throw your pearls before swine.”

Peace & Love,




Here are some brilliant talks by the great Alan Watts, who was Professor of Asian Philosophy at San Francisco University.

He inspired a generation of hippies (i.e. mine) bringing Zen meditation and Buddhist understanding of life to us all.
I have been profoundly inspired, and educated by his books and talks since I was 20 and read his seminal book: "The Book on The Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are."

Especially in these crazy times he is pure gold as a way to remember and reconnect with what really matters in life and I offer these to you in the belief that should you also spend time with him, much will become clear.

My gift to you! Enjoy!


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©2019 Gregory Charles

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