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Weekly Relationship Horoscope

Weekly Astrology from March 17, 2019

Weekly Overview

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This week we are getting some resolution, some bonding and coming together of much if not most of what was being opened up over the past few weeks. It has been an intense time and for some folk incredibly challenging, for others it has been a series of revelations and opportunities. For most, a combo of both ends of the spectrum and always intense and new as the future unfolds before our eyes.

Mid-week we get on the move to take action on what we now know and the new choices before us. This will also give us a glimpse into the healing path we begin with the healer ‘planet’ Chiron now in Aries for the next 7 years, matching the new start of freedom-loving Uranus in Taurus for that period.

As well Wednesday will be a rock and roll day and with a powerful Full Moon in Aries we will all be assessing what we really want in all of our relationships and partnerships.

We are really now into a profound moment where we see history unfolding - the most powerful energy of this - Pluto crossing its node - has not occurred for 250 years! And that was a time when the world changed dramatically, as will this be!

We are literally moving into a new reality, a new world, a new set of opportunities, choices and lessons to be mastered. One key to this is to release the past. Not to forget it but to forgive it, value it, take all that is good from it and let the rest go as having done its job for us. Now a new start brings much more freedom and choice because we have learned so much.

As they say, the past is prologue, now on to the main story.

We are still being challenged to explore, release and free our sexuality and creativity. The sexual chakra is the base one, at the bottom of our spine. It is also our creative chakra: sex being the act that created us. The more we free ourselves from sexual repression, puritan prudishness, negative beliefs and ideas then the more we open to exploring the pleasures and possibilities with it, and with that our creativity and artistic expression as alive humans, rich and glowing in our self-expression of all of who we are.

This is strongly affecting us at the moment also because the more we do the above the more we are freeing ourselves to feel and release our passion for life and living, for growth and blossoming. That in turn releases energy to move us forward, higher, deeper and broader: to become Bigger. To expand in all ways - our knowledge, our capacity to live and love, our seeing of bigger views of life, of opening to bigger and clearer visions of Who we are and what is possible.

Every time you say “I can’t” realize you are actually not being a powerless victim, but are making a positive choice to NOT… I can’t = I can not… i.e. I can, but no thanks, not.

So take a risk this week and say “Yes” to everything that comes your way, every door that opens, every choice offered, even if your ‘normal’ response is No, this week say Yes! Say Yes and add new experiences, new vistas of life, that will have you go to new places, meet new people, and to see and experience through new eyes and ears.

That is the start of what is coming now. Or hunker in your bunker, living in fear and resistance, being a victim overwhelmed by the life you refuse to live. Yikes, sounds awful… because it is!

This week we will be having new, clear and deep insights into our visions and our psyche, our Spirit and our Path and how all of that fits into the “real” world… more importantly, how we can have the “real” world morph to fit our visions! Because what we used to see as the fixed reality we called “the real world” is itself in flux. The old rules are softened, if not dissolved… i.e. dis-solved. The old rules no longer solve the questions of today, except in so far as the “eternal verities” of life always apply. i.e. what matters for us as humans, at our core: is to be real, honest, and with integrity. To keep our promises and be men and women of our Word. That is the basic foundation of living as self-respecting and respected humans among other humans.

What a wonderful week we walk into, eyes open, hearts strong.

©2019 Gregory Charles

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