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How to Understand the South and the Republican Party

It has been a puzzle to me for the 25 years I have been living in America, having left behind a very successful life based in Australia. In my two and a half decade search for true understanding of this mad, complex country that is like no other, I was drawn to explore and comprehend the whole Red State / Blue State phenomena.  | Read More

Update on Trump Insanity

I have been writing for months that Trump was not being seen for his deep levels of outright psychiatrically defined madness, and it is only this week that the shrinks popped out of their "Emperor has no clothes" level of denial and collectively screamed "Oh, shit!"  | Read More


Good revolutionary energy for sure with the Sun just gone into Aquarius.  | Read More

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Weekly Astrology from August 20
Weekly Overview

There will be a total eclipse of the Sun on Monday that can be seen across middle America from the south west to the north east. There will be another one viewable from America in 7 years and that will be the last for the rest of the century.

This one is in Leo. Its impact on and in your life will depend on your personal chart, and if it triggers your planets positions at birth can be quite dramatic. It is likely to have a great impact on Leos so watch our beloved First Madman melt down and create more chaos and craziness than usual - if he does not not merely name himself Emperor. LOL

The underlying energy here will be: no more hiding. Eclipses uncover what has been hidden, more than anything, and can bring sudden change - forward or reversals - to get us caught up with where we need to be and to get us real and grounded on our path. Sometimes the full effects of an eclipse take 6 months to unfold.

They were greatly feared by the ancients and associated with dynasties, and kings, falling, battles won and lost etc. It was a totally terrifying time when the sun disappeared - the Chinese believed a celestial dragon ate it and returned it!

For yourself personally, it is time to step up and step out, to proclaim your gifts and knowledge and to share more of your ‘gold’ - your value and love. It is also a time to bring down pretenders, fakes and false prophets, people who inflate their own ego beyond their real achievements, maturity and knowledge - hence the reference to the First Im-poser who is a strong Leo narcissist. For the next 2 weeks we have extra energy and ambition to promote ourselves.

As well this week we can more easily access “the other side” to get spiritual guidance and messages, artistic inspiration, great dreams, fantasies and visions. We are also prone to deception and illusions, so reality test what you are not sure about!

The Sun moves into Virgo after the eclipse and stays there for a month for us to critically evaluate where we are, to understand more intellectually where we are, where we have come, what we have learned and mastered and where we might be headed.

We are still growing very rapidly and the ground under our feet shifts daily as the revolutionary and evolutionary forces of consciousness shift force us to adjust and create a new world, personally and collectively. Hang in there, ride the wave and every now and then give out a really loud “eehaa!”

Peace and Love! - Gregory

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