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How to Understand the South and the Republican Party

It has been a puzzle to me for the 25 years I have been living in America, having left behind a very successful life based in Australia. In my two and a half decade search for true understanding of this mad, complex country that is like no other, I was drawn to explore and comprehend the whole Red State / Blue State phenomena.  | Read More

Update on Trump Insanity

I have been writing for months that Trump was not being seen for his deep levels of outright psychiatrically defined madness, and it is only this week that the shrinks popped out of their "Emperor has no clothes" level of denial and collectively screamed "Oh, shit!"  | Read More


Good revolutionary energy for sure with the Sun just gone into Aquarius.  | Read More

Weekly Relationship Horoscope

Weekly Astrology from June 25
Weekly Overview

The Sun joins Mars in Cancer for a month with lots of core focus and energy on home and family, with Mercury triggering talk and thought about these topics for a couple of weeks, adding focus and importance to get it right or at least better! Our minds and thoughts are being inspired by visions, dreams and ideals for home and family (or tribe) and we are challenged to put more energy into creating them, especially at the relationship level.

Our visions ar expanding especially in terms of moe freedom in our relationship and more unconventional forms of relationship being possible in order to accommodate our more unusual, unconventional and kinky needs. The old married until death prison as the only acceptable form of committed relationship has gone the way of the dodo - extinct - in many parts of the world and this is more and more true in parochial, puritan America.

Expect shake-ups, break downs, break ups and new forms of connection forming. Its the 21st Century version of the 60’s when the traditional nuclear family (“Leave it To Beaver” ho. Ho.) exploded into ideas and experimentation of Free Love.

We have this week deeper connection of love and heart and more trust that we can have love and loving relationships of whatever type or form. With all of this we are confronting some karmic patterns from the past and past lives that restricted and limited love, where men and women married to breed and have financial strength and if love was a part of the deal that was a bonus. We are now moving way past that where age, race, religion, possible future together and status of all kinds starts to take a back seat to the central issue of “do I love this person? Am I loved by this person?”

Love begins to conquer all barriers!

Be on the alert for deception and trickery and most important ask and look at where you are deceiving yourself, lying to yourself, telling yourself some story to avoid dealing with your truth. Get real and get honest and your soul will soar!

I will get your personal sign interpretation for the week done tomorrow (Sunday in USA). Its been one of those (amazing, miracle-filled and incredibly full-on busy) weeks!

Peace and Love! - Gregory

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