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Love Guru: Creating Intimacy

This is a great time to be creating more and deeper intimacy, and the key to doing that is in the word itself: into-me-see. The more we let others see who we really are the more intimacy we generate with them and thus the more closeness, sharing and togetherness.  | Read More

Love Guru: See of Love

The coming weeks are pushing, enticing, inviting and demanding that we get out of our logical, goal oriented approach to life and immerse ourselves in the greater reality that we exist in, and which exists in us.  | Read More

Love Guru: Love, Lust, Value

First you have to erase from your mind the garbage you heard about in that ludicrous book “Men are From Mars”, written by some effete androgen twink who was stuck in 1950’s beliefs. Its basic premise was that men and women - identified by devaluing millennia of accumulated wisdom since the Romans named their Gods and Goddesses - are a completely different species.  | Read More

Weekly Relationship Horoscope

Weekly Astrology from July 27
Weekly Overview

NOTE: Make sure you read my blog "Love Guru: Creating Intimacy" on the home page as it relates to the astrology of this week.

In one way or another, the New Moon last Saturday has kicked off a new cycle of you being out there, stepping out, in the spotlight, as you move into your dreams. This can trigger fears as we move out of old certainties, habits, practices, routines and behaviors. It’s a bit like the caterpillar looking up at a butterfly and saying to his friend: “You’ll never get me up in one of those.”

That’s the thing - we want the dream but want - at least your mind wants - to take your comfort zone with you.

So this week the take-off launch of your new life is building momentum. Keep your eye on your ideal (or is that: I-deal?) because your ideal is the deal you made with yourself to challenge your spirit’s growth in this life.

This week the Sun bouncing along in its own sign of Leo is as happy as kids in a snow fight... boisterous, rambunctious and having adolescent fun. A time of creative expression and celebration of You. With this you will be feeling deep, deep heart issues as you open to both joy and pain and under that, you recall the yearning to be loved and in love, to be whole and heart healthy: lots of hugs, love, laughter, enjoyment, passion, beauty, song and more are all food and fuel for your heart’s wellbeing.

It is also a reality check : Am I really, really living the life and going for living the life my heart wants? If not, get moving and make the changes that will bring your heart into full radiant glow.

So value issues are up for assessment: what really matters. What and who do I really love. What pleases me, pleasures me, amuses me etc.

The mental revolution continues as we review and assess and decide what we want to keep from the past - beliefs, self image, fears etc. There is a magic flow of breakthroughs, new opportunities, calls to action and new choices so as to be able to create a mindful structure and understanding of who and where you are. Kick some walls down! Get a bit wild and crazy. Try new things outside your comfort zone and feel the tingle, the frisson of excitement and know that you are having a near-life experience!! Ha, ha. You are alive when you are taking risks, trying new things and creating your visions. All else is dross.

Mars moves into the welcoming arms of Scorpio for some get down and go for it passion. Clothes ripping sexual energy to be applied in any and all areas of life, especially of course, your sexuality. This two months takes you deeper, opens you to your primal drives and passions and thus will open and expose your inner secrets to you. It will show you new truths, new paths and new possibilities for your sexual and creative energies. This is big stuff! It is a 2-year cycle so make the most of it. The level of personal and creative power you reach in 2 months sets your new solid base for further growth and exploration of what you have learned and opened up to. Wonderful. Also a great time, a GREAT time, for personal growth work and I am this weekend doing an amazing 4 day course which is a Speakers Summit which teaches great things for us to apply in our lives. (Unless mute, we all speak, don’t we. Our life is ruled by our words.)

Personal growth has been a haphazard business for many people so especially use the next 2 months to get mentors and coaches, do seminars, webinars, read personal development books... i.e. get serious about you and your life and taking control of your growth fully.

With all of the above, the wrapping of the package for this week is that you, in opening and having breakthroughs, have a choice: to let them come randomly or... much more fun... go and do everything you have been tempted to do (within the law!). All of those things where you smile and say, “oh, that’s not me.” The more you have new experiences generally, and especially now and for 2 months, the more awakening you will have and will a ‘coming home’ experience. - Gregory | Read About Your Sign

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