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Weekly Relationship Horoscope

Weekly Astrology from Aug 31
Weekly Overview

Things are a bit more settled and clear and that will continue as the powerful Virgo New Moon ripples through our lives, getting us to see how we can further perfect and clarify, simplify and purify our lives. I do not mean some form of moral or religious purity... I mean purity as a human - honest, simple, toxin free whether they be physical, mental, emotional and spiritual toxins (resentment, anger, judgments, negative beliefs etc.). There are many facets to all of this and that is our life work towards our highest Self.

Also continuing for this week is the process of ego and identity dissolving to allow us to open to higher realms and vibrations of reality. This is NOT a good time for drugs and alcohol as they shut down the potential openings. Connect with Spirit or drink spirits! :-)

This week we also continue with high sexual and creative energies to use and deepen our sexual passion and to build strong relationship structures... or let them go if they can’t or won’t! From now on we really need to be about safe, supportive, deep, trusting quality relationships as the flim-flam distractions continue and the b.s. people so often serve becomes a raging river of lies and deceptions, victim mentalities and superficial dysfunctionality being rewarded. Don’t fall for it! Don’t settle for plastic, teflon coated, no-risk/no-reward relationships. Or do, and be miserable. It is always a choice!

We begin two weeks of very deep, flowing death/rebirth energy where whatever must go and needs to go for you to move further into your power on your path will go. One way or another. You are likely to feel rather intensely self-critical as you further refine your life structures, and how you structure yourself internally (beliefs, habits, routines etc. as well as time-outs, self-nurturing and pampering, emotional and energy “cleanses” etc.).

From now until September 10 we are all going through major growth leaps. This is a GREAT time to be doing personal awareness work, seminars etc. So at the very time you are being extra-critical of your life structures and are re-forming them, you are also ensuring that your true value is “up” and seen in your new life. No more ‘hiding your flame under a bushel’ and if you want to really learn how to turn your ‘flame’ - your creativity, aliveness, enjoyment etc. then come and do a seminar or coaching with me (or somebody else at the top of their game) to make the most of this coming opportunity! What if now you are ‘showing up’ at say 25%. What would you do to grow that dramatically? Do it! (P.S. my best e-mail is: Am I plugging my seminars? You bet! Because they are one way I know for you and I to maximize the potential of now, and for the coming weeks. If you just keep doing same old, same old, don’t complain when little changes or unwanted changes come!

This week begins a two week period of more change and revolution that has a karmic flavor. You are likely to be having experiences that feel known, or familiar, in some way. Usually that will be the intractable challenges you have been facing in your life that seem to have no reason. Well, yes they do. One friend of mine has been “stuck” looking after his aged mother and family and home business for several years, in an area that is totally opposite his beliefs and philosophy where he has had no real friends and just wants it to end, AND is aware that in his last life he acted poorly to family and this life is both paying the consequences of that and also learning new lessons about family.

So look for the value of such long-term issues and just ask yourself: “IF this has past life ramifications, I am ready to know about that, get the value and release the pattern.”

As well Mercury moves into Libra for a month so lots of lovely and loving communications with your special tribe.

Last week’s New Moon was in many ways opening a portal to allow us a clean and fresh start, FREE of the past, free of karma in whatever you need to change. Move on into your ideal life more and more and know that the Universe is behind you in that!

Note: Read my blog for this week at the top of my Home Page: “Love Guru: Making Miracles “

Have a great week! - Gregory | Read About Your Sign

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