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Love Guru: Buy the Ticket...

Many people right now are going through strange or hard or challenging times. One friend refers to it as The Great Turning, others as as the Change, Opening, Movement or my favorite: The Shift.  | Read More

Love Guru: What to Do?

Yogi Berra said, when you come to a fork in the road, take it. Well, if you have no clue what to do that is good advice, but no better than “flip a coin”. Now spiritually we can say there are no mistakes in our choices, that mistakes are to teach us what we do not know, or that we do not want to go that direction after all, but me, I am a bit lazy and like to improve the odds if I can.  | Read More

Love Guru: We Are All Revolting

This week the revolution is upon us and you have the choice to leap into the new openings with gusto, or to learn that resistance really is futile, because it will take you one way or the other. As my old mate Hunter Thompson said: “Buy the ticket, take the ride.” It might the theme for this whole year in many ways and right now it is peaking.   | Read More

Weekly Relationship Horoscope

Weekly Astrology from April 13
Weekly Overview

Note: Make sure you read this week’s blog, “Love Guru: Buy the Ticket...”which expands on the astrology below.

OK, it is here. This is where the ride is going to get very, very, interesting! For we astrologers it is the Superbowl of the skies!

The first few days of the week will be particularly intense as Pluto stops in the sky to go retrograde. It represents power, death and rebirth, transformation, regeneration and destruction, and this week on the 15th combines with...

... a rare ‘blood red” Full Moon Eclipse at 3 a.m. Eastern Time in the US of A. For other countries check your local time and day. IF you can see it, do so. I saw one 5 years ago and it was amazing. Eclipses are usually silver in color and the blood red eclipse is named very well. It is other-worldly.

Eclipses bring things to the surface and cause shifts, exposure, leaps and jumps. They have been feared throughout the ages to presage the fall of kings and kingdoms and other calamities. This one occurs in Libra so expect relationship changes of all and any kind. For some folk it will be rough, leading to a better place, and for some it will be wonderful, leading to a better place. (Or a mixture of the two!)

The screws are also tightening on the Cardinal Grand Cross in the sky, involving a rare combination of planets forming a square, or cross, or box shaped array. Just one part of it will not occur again until 2073. Think the Renaissance overlaid on the 60’s. An earlier swing of this brought America’s first black President “miraculously” to the White House, so expect some more world and collective and personal changes of that magnitude.

Exciting. Trust what comes and where it takes us. It is a collective unconscious choice of humanity to take new steps and directions now that involve relationships with ourselves, each other, the planet, environment and any thing else I have left out!

As well this week we will continue to have spiritual, artistic and psychic openings - I am learning glass blowing * and my healing powers have radically increased, as two examples. This energy can make us feel ungrounded, in the flow, awash with feelings, and give us powerful visions, dreams and experiences. For the next two weeks the energy will also be healing all of these issues so you can explore and experience them more fully.

You may have some trouble slowing your mind down, and sleeping, as it will be running fast and furiously. There is a mental revolution going on with all the changes as your mind, thoughts and beliefs try to catch up with the new reality that is emerging. Let it. It also brings great mental expansion and deepening as well as more meaning into your life.

* Today, a specific example for me was a friend took me to lunch yesterday after I had written the above overview. Next door was a glass blowing foundry (Stone & Glass, San Diego) which we watched and on the spur of the moment (Uranus) I signed up for the class today. So today I experienced the making of glass - alchemy (Jupiter-Pluto) with 2,300 degrees F (1,260 C), a “contained “hell” (Pluto) that resulted in transformation with the use of great power (Pluto). It had a huge impact on me (Jupiter) and during the day I connected deeply with several amazing people (Uranus surprise plus eclipse and Mars in Libra creating relationship). All to create art and beauty - the resulting glass glass. Wow. Bring it on. :-)

Happy sailing! - Gregory | Read About Your Sign

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