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Love Guru: Buy the Ticket...

Many people right now are going through strange or hard or challenging times. One friend refers to it as The Great Turning, others as as the Change, Opening, Movement or my favorite: The Shift.  | Read More

Love Guru: What to Do?

Yogi Berra said, when you come to a fork in the road, take it. Well, if you have no clue what to do that is good advice, but no better than “flip a coin”. Now spiritually we can say there are no mistakes in our choices, that mistakes are to teach us what we do not know, or that we do not want to go that direction after all, but me, I am a bit lazy and like to improve the odds if I can.  | Read More

Love Guru: We Are All Revolting

This week the revolution is upon us and you have the choice to leap into the new openings with gusto, or to learn that resistance really is futile, because it will take you one way or the other. As my old mate Hunter Thompson said: “Buy the ticket, take the ride.” It might the theme for this whole year in many ways and right now it is peaking.   | Read More

Love Guru: To Me? or Not To Me

To Me? or Not To Me. That is the question.   | Read More

Love Guru: The River of Life

Our culture has for centuries been lost in the idea that we humans must control Nature, must dominate the Earth, must be top dog. This belief and practice emanates from the Christian belief that Heaven (and God) are “up there” in the sky somewhere, and that the Earth is the Devil’s domain, where sin and pestilence, temptation and pleasures of the flesh exist, and these have to be controlled too.  | Read More

Love Guru: Here Comes The Future

When I look at this time we are living through the lens of astrology, it tells me so clearly that what we are now going through in terms of change, growth, evolution and revolution is almost exactly where the “stars” were during the Renaissance... and as well when we are going through the 60’s!  | Read More

Love Guru: Heartfelt Visions

So many people in my life are connecting with the need to step back and review their lives in order to connect with their deep heartfelt visions, those “goals” that are actually worth pursuing with their time, love, belief, passion and involvement. Worth investing their most precious resource: time. Worth taking risks for: the risk of failure, the risk of ridicule, the risk of success even!  | Read More

Love Guru: Fear Into Power

It is a simple fact of life that we go through cycles of fear. These can be brought on by many apparently different factors, people or situations, but always the common denominator is that we are letting go of something we know that feels safe and secure, and moving into a new space that is unknown and therefore scary.  | Read More

Love Guru: Great Spirit

My simple definition of spirituality is to live life with Spirit. Yes there are many techniques, ideas and approaches, beliefs and paths to develop yourself spiritually, and most of them can be massive illusions and detours unless applied in your life in real and practical ways.  | Read More

Love Guru: Going For More

The astrology this week points us to the simple fact that we have all had lots of times where we felt blocked, held back, downtrodden, hard done by and a plethora of other unpleasant life lessons, challenges and experiences. Then from time to time, when we have ticked a life box or passed a life test we get a reward.   | Read More

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