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The War We Are Actually Winning (Ain’t You Proud?)

America has a fine tradition of declaring war on social issues that any half-wit with an ounce of knowledge of history would know would always fail.  | Read More

Why American Cultural Hegemony is Waning

A perfect example of America polluting the cultural lives of hundreds of millions of people beyond its own borders - affecting not just belief systems but quality of health care options, the imprisonment of uncounted thousands of people around the world in the American gulag, affecting the harmony and well-being of families, the denigration of citizens and the removal of simple rights - and that has been the illegality of a weed, a relative of the tomato plant, that George Washington himself declared would become the backbone of the American economy and that weed is of course: Marijuana, Reefer. Spliff, Ganja and a myriad other names along with exotic strands with different effects, such Maui Wowee, Durban Poison, AK47 and a hundred more.  | Read More

How to Understand the South and the Republican Party

It has been a puzzle to me for the 25 years I have been living in America, having left behind a very successful life based in Australia. In my two and a half decade search for true understanding of this mad, complex country that is like no other, I was drawn to explore and comprehend the whole Red State / Blue State phenomena.  | Read More

Weekly Relationship Horoscope

Weekly Astrology November 19, 2016
Weekly Overview

I have been pondering more deeply the astrology of Venus (planet with positive qualities of love, beauty, value, harmony and peace) coming right up to kiss Jupiter (the planet of expansion, life growth, higher learning and knowledge, travel, culture, big picture, rewards) occurring now, and in Scorpio, allows for some amazing love, value and magic to flow through us and can indicate the arrival of a profound love affair. It can also mean that we finally land on our passion and cry out “Here it is! This is what I have been looking for, to dedicate myself to in my life.”

It may also mean mind-blowing orgasms in whatever circumstances work for you. It could mean you experience the perfect merging of orgasm and true, deep love and the explosion of blinding white passion and light that pours through you.

All I can say for sure is it is deep, deep, deep. It is profound, life changing, releasing us to Be Come More. How deep can you go, how high can you flow?

Mid-week we start a month of Sagittarius so the overall background life energy will be more fiery, more big picture, more seeking knowledge.

Lots of passion, or rage, its up to you. Its likely old rage and the choice is to keep letting it bubble or whether to release it through some new passion that is meaningful for you.

With the passion you are deeply connected to your visions and to all that love energy I talked about above. It really is one of those times when we can make it all change very quickly if we are willing to go for our biggest dreams and highest passions, with all our heart and soul. Its a time of magic, and a time for magic.

Peace and Love! - Gregory

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