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Gregory has done extensive media around the world in the form of radio, TV and print interviews as well as published articles by him and about him. He has also had his own radio shows in Sydney and Aspen.

This has covered a wide range of topics as a commentator coming from an alternate, humanistic perspective on human, business, social and political issues including relationships, sexuality, morality and education, based on his extensive life experience and profound dealings with tens of thousands of people in the seminars he has delivered around the world.


At age 16 interviewed on National TV in Australia as spokesperson for my high school student body.

At age 20 assisted in the production of several radio specials at 2SM (Sydney) with David White.

At age 25 was interviewed on 2JJ radio (Sydney) after returning from Guam where I assisted US military with Vietnamese refugees, as a volunteer nurse.

At age 29 was featured in front page Nation Review national newspaper for breaking open a scandal on treatment of psychiatric patients in my state. This led to several further national TV and radio interviews.

In my 30’s, then running a seminar centre in Double Bay, Sydney, I was a regular expert guest on “Australia Overnight”, the country’s most popular radio show at the time. I was also a regular expert guest on segments by Australia’s sex expert, Doctor Rosie. I was a regular weekend stand-in host for talk shows on 2UE under the famed Ron Brennan.

I was featured in a profile in Business Review Weekly, the nation’s premier business magazine and was interviewed on “Good Morning Australia”.

Business Review WeeklyBusiness Review Weekly

I launched an awareness campaign for The Hunger Project that included creating a TV ad that ran over 60 times on national primetime network TV, and did over 50 radio, TV and print interviews about the issues of ending hunger.

At age 40 I based myself in America and have appeared multiple times on MTV with Carmen Electra.

On MTV with Carmen Electra

For a year I had my own weekly radio show in Aspen, Colorado, called “Stand Up Commentary” and regularly appeared on “Good Morning Aspen” TV show.

I was interviewed on “Good Morning America” and the BBC.

I was interviewed several times by Paul Johnson, the Washington D.C. correspondent for Canadian National TV.

I did a series of 6 interviews on Santa Monica (California) TV giving my insights into various aspects of American culture and politics.

I was interviewed several times on TV in Colorado about American culture and relationships.

On TV in Colorado

I appeared multiple times on National TV in Australia and New Zealand as an astrologer.

With Lyndey Milan

Lyndey also commissioned me to write a 12 page full color Special Feature on Food & Astrology for The Woman’s Weekly Magazine, of which she is the Food Editor.

Special Feature on Food & Astrology for The Woman’s Weekly Magazine

Lyndey also invited me to be a guest at the Sydney Food and Wine Festival as a resident expert for the magazine.

Ask the Experts Forum at the Sydney Food and Wine Festival

I also wrote many articles on culture and relationships published in American newspapers.

Articles on culture and relationships published in American newspapers

Articles about me in American media.

Articles about Gregory in American media

I raised the finances for and launched a major metro Sunday paper in Denver Colorado.

Sol Day News in Denver Colorado

In 2005 I interviewed a series of authors for Radio KGNU Boulder (Colorado). These included Alice Walker (The Color Purple), Greg Palast (Armed Madhouse) and David Troutt (After The Storm).

In 2011 I published my first book, Going Down Under.

Going Down Under by Gregory Charles

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