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Sitting with the Ocean...

I just had a great walk down to the beach and as I sat looking out at the surf and the ocean beyond, and up at the roiling clouds of an imminent storm colored by a rainbow I thought about a video I saw yesterday, of deep, deep space, taken from the Hubble Telescope (see link below).   | Read More

Different Strokes

I have always liked the axiom but never as much as when it was applied to sex and sexuality. If there is any aspect of life that we humans participate that we need the axiom to apply then sex and sexuality is it.  | Read More

My Boyfriend Lies...

My boyfriend loves me unconditionally, but there's something that makes him have to lie to make himself sound better... I know that he lies about some things but whenever I confront him about it he either gets a little annoyed or quickly changes the story so he doesn’t get "caught". How do I get the truth out of him without confrontation???  | Read More

On Doubting Yourself

I got your e-mail last thing last night, and Linda's response to you first thing this morning... nice bookends! Her acknowledgement of you answers your immediate questions of: are you good enough, real, of value and do you really have anything to offer. To receive acknowledgment of such depth and quality is no less than food for the heart, so take heart!  | Read More

Sexuality & Astrology in the New Millennium

(As published in Colorado) - Editor to Gregory: Can you write a piece for Coyote Bark that looks at the astrological energies that are affecting our approach to sexuality in America, affecting our cultural beliefs and attitudes, and where that might lead?   | Read More

Self Awareness #1

In America the word commitment means "I will if it suits me at the time". The corollary to this is, at the time the commitment needs to be fulfilled, "I would have, but circumstances have changed". Well derrrrrr!   | Read More

Self Awareness #2

It seems to me, when I look back, that I have been saying "Wow, this has been one of the most intense and strange and amazing weeks of my life" now, every week, for about two and a half years.   | Read More

10 Ways To save Your Relationship

I am approaching this in three parts: 1) a relationship already in crisis about to crash 2) one approaching crisis where warning signs are being recognized and 3) some thoughts on what is your relationship anyway?  | Read More

How to Create a Better Sex Life

The simplest answer to that is to create a better life! I am not being glib here. If the question is just asking about expanding the number of sexual positions you use, then buy a good version of the Karma Sutra or The Joy of Sex and work your way through the book.  | Read More

How to Move Past a Difficult Childhood

The first thing to acknowledge is that everyone I have ever met has had some level of difficulty in their childhood, and that is as it should be, and needs to be, for us to grow as humans.  | Read More

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