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Love Guru: Permissions & More

I have been aware for a long time that at times in my life I would screw up and say aloud: “god I am brain dead.” I would hear myself say it and wonder why I said it and where it came from. Over time I realized I felt like a part of my brain WAS dead-ened since I was given some medication (only once) as a kid of about 9 to “settle me down” as I was a boppy double air fun, playful kid and they were both double water, rather serious and intense parents who could not handle TOO much fun!  | Read More

Love Guru: Get Turned On

Most people enjoy sex and want to get really turned on, but the simple fact is that what you take into the bedroom is far more important than what you do there. For many people sex is friction and release that feels good and feeds some needs along the way. But to fully experience the deep pleasures of real sexual experience you need to be turned on in your life, and so does your partner.  | Read More

Love Guru: Creating Intimacy

This is a great time to be creating more and deeper intimacy, and the key to doing that is in the word itself: into-me-see. The more we let others see who we really are the more intimacy we generate with them and thus the more closeness, sharing and togetherness.  | Read More

Love Guru: See of Love

The coming weeks are pushing, enticing, inviting and demanding that we get out of our logical, goal oriented approach to life and immerse ourselves in the greater reality that we exist in, and which exists in us.  | Read More

Love Guru: Love, Lust, Value

First you have to erase from your mind the garbage you heard about in that ludicrous book “Men are From Mars”, written by some effete androgen twink who was stuck in 1950’s beliefs. Its basic premise was that men and women - identified by devaluing millennia of accumulated wisdom since the Romans named their Gods and Goddesses - are a completely different species.  | Read More

Love Guru: Good Vibrations

This past week I have had information and experiences about vibrations, in and around us, and I am gaining a deeper understanding of their importance. Since hippy days we have talked about good and bad “vibes”, i.e. vibrations.  | Read More

Love Guru: You Can Do Magic

The cynics will say that there is no real magic in the world, that everything is explainable. The romantics will see magic and mystery in everything possible, often as a lovely misguided way to avoid reality. But in the middle, yes there is magic in the world, in life and in us.   | Read More

Love Guru: How Much More?

How much more can you have? How much more do you deserve? How much more are you worth? How much more can you create, or accomplish? How much more money, love, fun, ease, power, passion, intimacy, success, sanity can you have?  | Read More

Love Guru: Surrender to Fun

Remember when you were a kid and you loved those games where an adult took control and all you had to do was hang on and laugh a lot, like when someone gave us a piggy-back, or took our hands and swirled us around them. Fantastic stuff. Important stuff: Release. Trust. Fun. Play. Control. Sharing. Exploring.   | Read More

Love Guru: Let The Past Be Past

Or as some would say: let bygones be bygones. We are in a powerful, wonderful and magical time of creating the future now. The choices we make, the life and details we ask for, the next chapter we visualize will be for years to come - and after so many years of challenge and change it is now a very clear and clean process that asks simply: what do you want now?  | Read More

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