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Love Guru: Life and Death - Again

This week I will be fairly brief given that I am writing this from a Heart Recovery ICU in San Diego!  | Read More

Love Guru: Functioning in Confusion

In our lives we go through periods of confusion, sometimes great and deep, sometimes for small periods of time.  | Read More

Love Guru: The Truth About Your Truth

As we grew up one clear message we got was... do not tell tell the truth!   | Read More

Love Guru: Take The Steps

As we move forward into the next chapter of our life, knowing it will be very different from what we are used to, we will by definition feel fear, resistance and a bunch of other things all designed to keep us where we are... safe!  | Read More

Love Guru: Keep Dreaming - then DO it.

Are you happy with your Journey, or is there a bigger, more fulfilling one to be imagined and lived? I take a moment to review aspects of mine and encourage you to do the same. Review time! Then choose what next!  | Read More

Handling Money Stress - letter to a friend

EVERY day when you rise, spend a moment or ten and acknowledge it and yourself... like: "I am still choosing to learn profound and important life lessons about money and value. I love and value myself SO much I am willing to go through much fear and pain to learn these lessons."  | Read More

Crunch Time in a Relationship

Gregory, I need way more attention from my guy or we won't make it! Very sexually frustrated, him totally closed off. Vicious circle right now?????  | Read More

How to Break Through Intimacy Blockages

When I was nineteen I got laid. I lost my virginity. I was very clear that I did not believe in the Church’s beliefs about sex, so I knew what didn’t work for me. I also realized I didn’t know what did work for me. So I set out to find out what was true for me.  | Read More

Turning Fear into an Adventure

I just had a talk with my friend’s son half way around the world. He is only five years old and has to go into hospital tomorrow for surgery and told me he was scared. Apparently the girl next door had told him how they would cut him and other gruesome details.  | Read More

Value, Money and Struggle

A letter to my friend: Like I did at one point in my life, you are moving through so many lessons, and letting go of so many issues, as a direct result of your money struggles. The big lesson I got that began the end of the struggle was to really see that no matter how desperate things looked, or how scared I was, the Universe ALWAYS provided for me to survive, and once I really got that my survival is ALWAYS assured I started to let go of the fear and anxiety, and to trust that I really am safe and protected... and at that point my prosperity began to grow again.  | Read More

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