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Love Guru: Heartfelt Visions

So many people in my life are connecting with the need to step back and review their lives in order to connect with their deep heartfelt visions, those “goals” that are actually worth pursuing with their time, love, belief, passion and involvement. Worth investing their most precious resource: time. Worth taking risks for: the risk of failure, the risk of ridicule, the risk of success even!  | Read More

Love Guru: Great Spirit

My simple definition of spirituality is to live life with Spirit. Yes there are many techniques, ideas and approaches, beliefs and paths to develop yourself spiritually, and most of them can be massive illusions and detours unless applied in your life in real and practical ways.  | Read More

Love Guru: Fulfilling Desires

The most common thing parents say to their kids is: NO. No surprise there. I think it would have been far more interesting if, unless there were good and REAL reasons not to, to say Yes to almost everything as we grew up. “Sure, eat the bug. Eat the worm.” Let the child find out for themselves what that was like. After all there are whole countries in this world, many of them, where bugs and worms and spiders and all sorts of creepy-crawly things are eaten daily as a great protein source.  | Read More

Love Guru: Living The Journey

(A letter to a friend responding to hers...)

 As to the law of attraction - it was interesting to watch the Abraham video and see what I am and am not doing and where I diverge from their teaching... it basically comes down to what I call The Law of Timing and Value. Nothing will really change until we own it AND get the value of having created it, then it - the lesson or test or challenge - is done and the next set gets presented.   | Read More

Love Guru: Create More Magic

We have collectively been through a hellish period for several years - socially, nationally and personally - all around the world, with edges torn, blocks and barriers destroyed and created, reality merging with fantasy and feeling, institutions and governments reeling from the exposure of their failings and weaknesses, corruption and loss of purpose. We have all been through all of that in some ways, internally as much as externally. Through hell. Through the wringer.

  | Read More

Love Guru: Living Fully

The Sun moves into the sign of Capricorn for a month and we celebrate ancient pagan rituals on December 25 and January 1st. The early Christians attached their ceremonies to Roman pagan festivals so their rites would be hidden from the Roman Centurions. It worked, and the Christians flourished.  | Read More

Love Guru: The Truth About Your Truth

As we grew up one clear message we got was... do not tell tell the truth!   | Read More

Crunch Time in a Relationship

Gregory, I need way more attention from my guy or we won't make it! Very sexually frustrated, him totally closed off. Vicious circle right now?????  | Read More

My Boyfriend Lies...

My boyfriend loves me unconditionally, but there's something that makes him have to lie to make himself sound better... I know that he lies about some things but whenever I confront him about it he either gets a little annoyed or quickly changes the story so he doesn’t get "caught". How do I get the truth out of him without confrontation???  | Read More

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