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Seminars by Gregory Charles


The Living Game Seminar Series is an experience like no other to take you to the next level of your life.


The Living Game Experience

The Living Game Experience (2 days) is the entry level seminar to do with Gregory Charles. In it you will explore and experience core tools and principles for successfully creating, navigating and living the life you envision for yourself so it works for you. This Gregory simply calls The Living Game.

The Living Game Seminar

The Living Game Seminar (3 days) is an advanced seminar where we take the whole experience of living the Game of Life to higher, deeper and more profound levels. It introduces new tools and principles for healing and releasing your past, allowing you to be truly much more fully formed and present in the Now, making more conscious and intentional choices for yourself.

The Living Game Fast Forward

The Living Game Fast Forward (2 days) is the next step in mastery, bringing more coaching from Gregory, learning how to more quickly identify patterns, beliefs and situations in your life and to make change rapidly and permanently.

The Living Game Residential Sex & Relationship Seminar

The Living Game Residential Sex & Relationships Seminar (10 days) is a highly advanced, in depth intensive opportunity to recreate your relationships and your sexual experience to fully express you, to bring full quality to you and those in your life.

Gregory's new book

The raw and no-holds-barred transcript of an extraordinary 10 day seminar on sexuality, intimacy and aliveness.

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