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Gregory Charles with Carmen Electra on MTV Gregory is a renowned astrologer who has often been interviewed on national TV and radio and whose horoscopes have been published in many countries over the past 17 years. His astrology clients have included Carmen Electra (MTV), Dr. Hunter S. Thompson (Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas) and hundreds of others around the world. He has been an astrological consultant to corporations, CEO’s, academics, journalists, doctors, stockbrokers, politicians and others.


“He is the only astrologer I ever had and the bastard nailed me.  I said he was dangerous. He’s better than good.”  - Dr.Hunter S. Thompson


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Weekly Astrology from July 23 | Weekly Overview

Though we have been having a pleasant experience of love and value in the world, this week we will be somewhat more peeved, in that “what about me?” energy of feeling neglected, unseen, unappreciated etc. At the same time we begin the week with an explosion of fireworks with a New Moon in Leo, opening new doors, new choices, new beginnings and fresh starts and being in Leo it is very much about “Me, me, me!”

Those feelings of being unseen are triggering the question about what is your real value, and are you the one not appreciating and loving you? So it is a time to get thing the way you wasn't them, for you. As far as possible make it good for others too, but not to the point that you give up on what you want - unless you want to play the self-sacrificing martyr role, which has its own value and lessons.

It is time to break out, break habits whether they are good ones or not, just change things up. There is a lot of new energy that is backing up and wants to flow through us, as new creativity, new vitality and aliveness, new hopes and joys, and it can only come to us if we change the patterns to open up new doors!!

Otherwise it remains “same old - same old”… boring, but “safe”.

So trying new things, new choices, new pathways, new directions will be a lot easier than you fear it might be. The time is very right for this next leap into your future, and you are well prepared for it so you can reap the rewards, but you must be willing to change and grow, that is the only condition. You have to let go of the old to have the new, and it is bigger, so you have to be as well.

The exciting thing is it is your journey, and it is up to you what changes you make, it is the adventure of your life, manifesting as you write it. So write your dreams and start turning more in their direction in your choices and beliefs.

Peace and Love! - Gregory

























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