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Gregory Charles with Carmen Electra on MTV Gregory is a renowned astrologer who has often been interviewed on national TV and radio and whose horoscopes have been published in many countries over the past 17 years. His astrology clients have included Carmen Electra (MTV), Dr. Hunter S. Thompson (Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas) and hundreds of others around the world. He has been an astrological consultant to corporations, CEO’s, academics, journalists, doctors, stockbrokers, politicians and others.


“He is the only astrologer I ever had and the bastard nailed me.  I said he was dangerous. He’s better than good.”  - Dr.Hunter S. Thompson


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Weekly Astrology from June 24 | Weekly Overview

The Sun is in Cancer for a month so we will be feeling a lot more feelings, more emotional, more sensitive, wanting to give and get more nurturing and sense of “family”. This is all further intensified with a Cancer/Capricorn Full Moon on the 27th.

Its an interesting Full Moon as the moon is the ruler of Cancer yet is in its opposite sign, Capricorn, where it tends to be insecure and uncertain - the moon being Yin-feminine energy and Capricorn being Yang-masculine energy.

So we will be looking at the dichotomy of detached structures and rules versus motherly caring and love: children separated at the border?… what to me appears to be a clear crime against humanity.

Where do you let rules, conditioning and programming over-rule your emotions, your intuitive knowledge? “I love him/her but my family would not approve.” That sort of b.s. that we need to be liberated from.

To up this game another notch, the Sun is in Cancer opposite Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, so from another direction we must assessor rules, boundaries and barriers that limit us, crush us, hold us back from love and joy and fulfillment. This also challenges us to instill rules and boundaries that support us in having a fulfilling life! For example… “I will be with those who uplift me, no matter their race, age or history.”

To achieve all of the above we are accessing both deep healing of our old wounds to be the captain of our own life, and we are also accessing our courage to step out and create change and resolution in our lives to have the life we truly want. Take risks! Step up! Speak out!

We still have a lot of karmic wild sexual energy that can be incredibly hot and also destructive so open up sexually with awareness, and be sober! It is a time where you can be taken advantage of, abused and discarded, and also a time of great intensity and passion.

This week our minds are digging deep, deep, deep and also are much more clear than usual in seeing truths and answers. We are functioning like detectives, getting clear about who is safe and clear and who can be deeply trusted! Be ruthless in your investigation and enquiries!

Use this energy on your own life too, to look closely at what you really want and what answers you are seeking. Talk with trusted friends.

So where are we? We have recently had major breakthroughs and openings to manifest the next chapter of our lives. We are taking the steps - one young friend made the leap today and got onto a plane to take him on a grand adventure from Southern Cali to England, and my Son got married and he and his wife are on Day 2 of their Grand Tour of Europe for their honeymoon, all very clear that this marks a new life chapter.

Others are feeling their way through fog, but with their eyes wide open. Either way, be it dramatic or quiet, we are revising and reviewing where we have been and where we are and where we might want to be going - there are many planets in retrograde, putting the brakes on until these issues are more clear. So be patient. As I like to remind folk - Life takes time! Give yourself the time and the space to ponder, review and revise your dreams and how you really want them to look when they manifest fully!

Peace and Love! - Gregory

©2018 Gregory Charles

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