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Weekly Astrology from April 22 | Weekly Overview

Wow, a very, very strange week last week with odd energies flowing into this week, though not as rough and harsh. Several planets have stopped or are changing direction - as we see their movement from planet Earth because Earth and most other planets are in differing orbits, sometime they appear to be moving faster in one direction, or backwards in the opposite direction!

Th flash I had was of all the "rocks" changing direction, like the gods were playing marbles with them, and the result of all this activity was that the energies were those of a shaking-up of situations.

Lots of examples!!

I had several strange events in just one day and eventually they all just sorted themselves out.

Like a motorcycle cop who followed me for about a mile, including through turns, and when I got to my hotel he just stopped, looked around and left. I have no idea at all what that was about!

A good message about handling this odd pattern over the next few weeks and the sort of events to expect, in whatever shape, form or purpose, that appear to be going south or getting weird but get turned around and resolved, so the lesson is patience and to pay attention, with trust.

Last week Mercury and Saturn changed direction and this coming week so does Pluto. Can you play marbles?

Pluto is the Lord of The Underworld - fears, wounds and also regeneration, betrayal, intensity with trust and power issues. Beyond all that he is the Lord of Death and Rebirth, of trans-formation.

So until the end of September he is doing a do-over of these issues since last September. You get to go deeper, get more resolved and completed, because now you are more able to deal with and confront whatever deep stuff you have just been through in the past 8 months. Whatever comes up in your life, in your inner or outer reality, is not to be feared, it is just a deeper variation on what you have already lived through, so welcome Pluto as an opportunity to get these issues completed forever IF you embrace them and “do the work” of your personal growth fully. A great time to do seminars, read books and get depth guidance.

As well Pluto is connecting with our deep intensity and passion - for pleasure, for life, that when blocked manifests as anger, rage, victimization feelings and even paranoia. So watch out for wars at all levels from personal arguments and fights through to international conflicts. Also be more than usually careful on the roads and be aware the driver near you may be in his or her rage!

In your life access your passion… what rocks your boat, what excites your heart? Head in that direction more! Feel the passions for life in your heart and this week we are also talking heart-connected sexual passion and creative passion to be explored and enjoyed. We are doing much heart-healing this week connecting with our love and value.

Meanwhile Saturn revisits the issues of authority, limitations and structures. He is the Tough Love guy who will slap us upside the head when we need it, in order to wake us up and get us straight and clear on our path. So whatever responsibilities, or limits you have been avoiding or shirking will be retuned to learn from. Limitations and structures can seem to take away freedom but in fact give us the opportunity to build a solid base from which to expand and grow freedom… true freedom being measured by the available choices we have. More choices = more freedom!

And yet (the gods do have a sense of humor !) at the same time there is energy for revolution, breakthrough and seeing life in a different light that opens us to more freedom. We are able to get the value of old rules and limits and take the good stuff into the future and leave the outworn and outdated behind.

With this our ideas, beliefs and thoughts from parents, society, the rules, the ‘right’ way are all being challenged as we give thought to and ponder them in greater depth. Listen to your inner voices and the beliefs of others and see if you still agree. For example a friend’s dad is still stuck in the belief that having a college degree is “the way” to go in life and more aware people know that is no longer true. She is realizing this as she sees she is really just learning (along with her friends) to ‘fit in’ to the system whether she enjoys it or not. Meanwhile she is realizing how her passions and dreams are slowly withering under the moronic agendas and formulae she is expected to learn. Note that most leaders of Fortune 500 companies do not have college degrees! Neither Bill Gates nor Steve Jobs had degrees and they were both fairly successful in life. In fact Jobs attributed much of his success to going to India and using LSD. Further he stated that Bill Gates’s problem was that “he did not have enough LSD”!! True!

The Sun moves into Taurus for a month so a more settled, relaxed and pleasure-seeking and enjoyable times to be had. Revel in the senses, in our humanity and the pleasures of the flesh that bring come with being human being - like good food and wine, massages, sex, hugs, relaxing over a great meal with good friends. Write your list of pleasures to be enjoyed in the coming (no pun intended) month.

Overall, personal growth is ON, with deep new and fast realization coming to you, especially about the above issues and topics. The core focus is expansion; of passion, of intensity, of depth connection with you, of your awareness of you and your process and how you tick. Have an astrology reading with me as a certain way to fast-forward the process for you!! Email me at :

(Note: I am not merely pitching for work here! If you are serious about your personal growth and self-awareness I know no more valuable a tool to get a huge amount of clarity and info to assist you in being clear about your path, lessons, challenges, tests - and yes, rewards and gifts!)

P.S...  An example par excellence of the current energies... I am at my favorite coffee house and got talking with a chap as we added milk to our drinks at the "makings" table. Turns out we both lived in Boulder at the same time, and often lived just blocks away. He insisted that I walk over and meet his ex-wife and their 2 kids, who he was visiting,. Great connection, much sharing and it turns out she works at an optometrist just up the road, and I need to get new lenses in my glasses as soon as I have cataracts removed from my eyes in the next few weeks. I had been thinking I had better so some research to find a good optometrist and bingo, the universe did the work for me and sent a delightful woman who I know will become a good friend! Be ready for such weird, wild and wonderful miracles in your life. Pay attention!

Peace & Love,


©2018 Gregory Charles


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