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Weekly Astrology from September 24 | Weekly Overview

The Sun moves into Libra for the next month. It joins Jupiter - the planet of expansion - which leaves Libra on Oct 10 after a year in the sign, and will move into Scorpio for a year. More on that in a couple of weeks!

We have Venus and Mars coming to meet for 3 weeks which on the surface will make for a hot time in the city, as sexuality is flowing. However being in Virgo it can have the opposite effect, where you are standing back observing the motivations and drives you have held around sex and your sexuality.

You will likely be feeling the sexual repression and judgement you picked up and learned from parents, and get to discover internal critic voices saying you can’t enjoy it too much (or at all!) that you are cheap, or whatever negatives you learned to attach to sex and sexual activities.

You are likely to be very aware of ‘voices’ in your head, from the past - delivering rules to live by and definitions of reality and you have moved a certain amount of distance since they were given to you, and you have explored and discovered new and different truths and realities about you and your life and so it falls to you to adjust those voices and get them up to date, to reflect your truth and reality instead of living by theirs - parents, teachers etc.

Just to complicate things to another level we will also be feeling great passion to destroy and rebuild our sexual base, sexual relationships, and expression of power, passion and intensity. Some people will recall childhood experiences or feelings - be they positive or negative - that in some way affect you now. All of this is an opportunity to release, heal and purify the past and thus the present, so you can move ahead with a more fulfilling, deep and beautiful sexual life. Or you can get stuck in victim blame and recrimination and get lost in whatever drama surfaces, and thus feed and perpetuate negative patterns.

We also have Jupiter aspecting Uranus in a way that is rare in our lives. It makes demands on us to be free. Free from limitations, free from restrictions, free from inhibitions, free to change directions. We are likely to want to make some major changes in our lives and lifestyle to create more space and freedom to be our Self with integrity. It is also a transit that has a magical quality to it and to supporting the changes that you choose actually manifesting.

For the next week look to how or where you or others around you may be being less than honest in some way, may be deluding yourself or being deceived. Make sure you are being ruthlessly honest, especially with yourself! For the next 2 weeks you are likely to be seeing things through “rose-colored glasses” at least some of the time - avoiding the harshness and reality of some situations and people. This energy also brings out lots of dreams and fantasies and your artistic talents and abilities. Try them out! Do some painting, make a video, draw a friend. The key here is you do not have to be great - you just have to do what you can do! Start with finger-painting! Check out You Tube “amazing finger painting” and be, well, amazed. So be willing to mess up, make a mess, and have some fun!!

Peace and Love! - Gregory


You begin a month of core focus on your relationships, and on your relationship with your relationships. In other words, how do you view relationships in your life? Is that the BEST you can desire, aim for and want? No, you can’t skate anymore and just do the easy stuff that does not call on you to appear and be available! Now you have make it mean something, and remember, as an Aries you discover yourself, learn who you are, and grow through your relationships. Now it is time to take time out and visualize who and what you really want - the quests and qualities as a human being that matter to you.


For the next month your core focus will be on healing relationships and attending to the connections you have with colleagues in your work. You also start 5 weeks of much thought and talk about work, health and service to others and for the next 9 days your thinking will be critical and assessing how to improve these life areas. Your sexual energy is strong and in the “playboy” realm of lots of fun, maybe affairs, and the need for self expression around sex and sexuality which could be anything from becoming a stripper, to flashing a crowd, to writing a book on sex! This will likely involve friends or groups of people and will fit a dream, an ideal, you have carried a long time!


For the next 2 months you will have high energy to express yourself creatively and in 5 days this will be joined by the energy of love and desire for a month, so lots of hot and fun sex. Your sexual energy is strong and in the “playboy” realm of lots of fun, maybe affairs, and the need for self expression around sex and sexuality which could be anything from becoming a stripper, to flashing a crowd, to writing a book on sex! This will likely involve friends or groups of people and will fit a dream, an ideal, you have carried a long time!


Until Feb13 you are revisiting your beliefs and ideas about spirituality, as well as your high dreams and ideals for your life. Specifically you are focused on your sexuality and this will likely obsess you for a few weeks as you search yourself deeply for more understanding of your sexuality and your sexual history, story and patterns as a way to more deeply know and understand you, your journey and your soul adventure this life. This is really profound stuff and can be deeply life-changing in many ways. In the process you can access deeper levels of passion in your relationships and sexual exploration.


For the next month your thinking will be about your thinking, your thoughts, your ideas and thought patterns and where and how you got those thoughts and do they still reflect your life truth? As well talk with siblings and explore your neighborhood. For 11 days you will be critical in your thinking, looking for ways to improve and perfect your environment. For the next 3 weeks your core focus will be on your relationship with all of those components in your thinking, your environment and yes, innocence! Expect changes mid-week in your home and career.


Expect some jolt, or shift, or revelation about your life and how you see it and think about it. Your prodigious mental gifts and intellectual rigor will be on show for all to see as you express yourself, your value and values, your quest for perfection and understanding of life. All of this is being contrasted with your dreams and ideals and they may be reflected by those who are close, reminding you of what matters to you. It is time to pursue your passions!


Ah, you start a new life cycle of 1 year, all refreshed and rejuvenated and ready to go for your dreams with new vigor. That starts with one month of putting yourself out there in the world, shining your gifts upon it and its people. At week’s end you start an altogether different one year cycle which is about expansion of value, values and income. From now until April relationships will continue to change and shift as they have been doing for 7 years - people will come and go as needed. Until Oct 14 you will be deep sea diving for previously hidden, unconscious value and treasures. Lots of rest, ease, play, nature, meditation until Oct 22.


Mid-week your core focus shifts from friends to your inner life, your higher realms and spiritual issues as well as exploring your deep unconscious self. Meditation, lots of rest and quiet time are needed to hear the quiet inner voices. For the next month you will be getting, giving and growing value with and through friends and for 3 weeks of that will be doing so with a view to improve, perfect and polish your friendships so they will be closer to your ideal.


From now until Nov 10 you will have high energy for your career and specifically for getting it ‘perfect’ - on track and with a clear purpose, direction and plan. In 5 days it will be joined with Venus love and beauty, value and desire and these will combine to create something new, to give birth if you will, to your career dreams! For the next 12 days focus on deepening and growing relationships in your career. Mid-week expect some shifts, jolts of other changes with friends and in the way you are expressing yourself in the world.


From now until Nov 18 you have high energy to travel, to explore other cultures and different beliefs about life and reality and to complete any legal issues you may have. For the next 2 weeks of that your core focus in all of that will be the relationships involved and learning much more about them. For the next 5 months (until Feb 18) you are revisiting your dreams and ideals about making money, getting, giving and growing value and reconnecting with what really matters to you, in your heart and soul.


For the next 17 days your core focus is on sex, death, transformation, power and trust and how you function in your relationships with these issues. This is backed up by the fact that for the next 12 weeks you have high energy and passion for this and at week’s end all that is joined with love, value and desire. The result will soon be very high sexual energy and passion in the context of your relationship(s) and taking time and energy to explore them, to get them the way you really want to be aligned with your truth.


This week it is all about sex and relationships for you! And your relationship to them! You will be attracting people to be triggering these issues, talks and discussions and much thought and processing as you spend the next weeks bringing them into alignment with your dreams and ideals for how they can be. This is a time to be using your great gifts to imagine and day dream at your highest levels of possibility and impossibility! Look to people you call friends because among them you may just find a new and great lover!

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