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Gregory Charles with Carmen Electra on MTV Gregory is a renowned astrologer who has often been interviewed on national TV and radio and whose horoscopes have been published in many countries over the past 17 years. His astrology clients have included Carmen Electra (MTV), Dr. Hunter S. Thompson (Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas) and hundreds of others around the world. He has been an astrological consultant to corporations, CEO’s, academics, journalists, doctors, stockbrokers, politicians and others.


“He is the only astrologer I ever had and the bastard nailed me.  I said he was dangerous. He’s better than good.”  - Dr.Hunter S. Thompson


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Weekly Astrology from February 18 | Weekly Overview

And moving right along… the super challenging energy for change, pushing change, demanding change, eases up with the eclipse last Friday and a major shift of emphasis in the planetary alignments. Whew, take a deep breath and relax.

Whereas we have been having SO much energy for change, breakthrough, shifts, breakdown, letting go of old rules and structures and ways of being we now enter a period of calm, inner soul reflection - IF we take the spiritual high road.

Or we can take a different sort of “high” road by hitting bottles of spirits or other drugs, escapes and avoidances. You can theoretically be using some drugs (like weed and hash) to access higher realms but the chances are very high that you will be deluding yourself, tricking yourself to avoid what is there by experiencing the pseudo-version of it.

Be clear, I am NOT anti-drug. I still proclaim that hashish in my 20’s was my first and one of my most powerful personal growth tools, but where we are now is to go for hitting the highs without it, if you can. Drugs and alcohol have opened the “doors of perception” for humans over the ages and can be profound. The issue is whether it gets integrated into your life the next day, and after that.

I encourage you to take other paths - dare to be drug and alcohol free for the next month. For the next month there is SO much focus on Pisces that gives us a free opening to higher realms of our spirit and our inner (and thus outer) reality!

Use meditation, nature, music, art, visualization of your dreams and ideal life (as if they are already here) merging with others, helping other humans - all to allow you to connect with your own humanity - the good, the bad and the messed up. Take the risk of being real and honest with where you are and proclaim your vision of where you choose to be, where you want to be, and allow the universe to power that vision forward faster than you can imagine. Yes. Really.

We live in a time of miracles and magic and the key to energizing them is to be unreasonable - i.e. let your heart, your spirit, your visions rule Who and how you choose to be. Your mind - i.e. your ‘reason-able-ness’ will send voices of resistance, arguments of stability, fears of the unknown and it is your reasonable Mind that has been under assault for weeks and weeks to weaken it and prepare you for now.

Whatever you have been enduring, tolerating, mastering, gritting your teeth and hunkering down to get through is over. It was a softening up of your rigidity to force you to let go and trust, to get more determined to go forward and now that is done the brakes are off.

My example… last Friday - New Moon eclipse day marking major new beginnings, I was discharged from hospital after a stay of 4 weeks, having caught both pneumonia and Bird Flu. I was on 24/7 oxygen so I could breathe until 2 days before discharge, and even then was struggling to walk 30 feet without panting. The day of my discharge - and today - I am functioning BETTER than before my illness! Even I am amazed and I am used to bouncing back (with Pluto prominent in my chart I have major powers of rejuvenation!). It truly feels like a bona fide miracle of healing!

I was taken out of the normal everyday game for a month. Friends went through their major life struggles and challenges - each story perfect for that person. For me that month meant major new levels of release, letting go, surrender, trust, facing death on a minute-to-minute basis, having the experience of “drowning on solid ground” for 40 minutes and the attendant need to master my body’s panic at the prospect of slowly dying - all of which resulted in new opening to “the other side” - clarity from guides, ‘seeing’ more and being seen so much more from others to the extent that many of my nurses are forming a regular life guidance group for me to lead.

And one aspect of the energy now is to find your own tribe and you can only do that if you are real and honest with other people, then those who relate will come closer and be more real and present with you - that is tribe, in my definition! Aligned souls sharing a level of awareness and commitment in and to life. My tribe is 100 committed to life, to growth, to mastery of this journey, just as I am! Your vision may differ so find those who are on the same journey and life path that you are!

What is you version of this? I get that I do do life rather dramatically and intensely, and the key here is to identify all changes big and small as clear indicators of where to go now, and what to do to follow your Spirit’s messages and needs.

With this we are also supported in connecting with out own previously hidden truths about ourselves. Don’t judge! Accept! We are all weird and wonderful in our unique ways, we are all in-compare-able, special, and have our own path to walk and it is getting clearer by the day. Huge expansion is afoot from all of this. Be ready to fly high!

Peace and Love! - Gregory

©2018 Gregory Charles

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